Routed signage is a type of custom signage that is created using a computer numerical controlled (CNC) router. This type of signage can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and foam. It is often used for outdoor signs, wayfinding signs, and other large-scale projects. The CNC router allows for precise cuts to be made in the material that can create intricate designs and shapes. Routed signs are also highly customizable and can be personalized with logos, colors, fonts, and more. They are an ideal choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression on their customers or visitors.

Apogee Signs utilizes our CNC router to engrave wood, foam, metal, and other substrates. Printers and plotters have always been used in signage businesses, but they don’t come close to the versatility of a CNC Router.

Apogee Signs recognizes that our clients are looking for more creative and unique signs rather than the same old one-dimensional flat letters and vinyl-printed banners that you can get from your average sign company. Our clients want to stand out from the crowd as the success of their business depends on the first impression their customers have.

We offer the ability to easily supply a wide range of products and design options that will ensure your brand identity looks great and is consistent throughout your office interior and exterior spaces. Our experienced technicians can recreate the look and feel of carved wood or stone, all with the versatility of PVC or foam. The dimension and texture of routed signage will certainly set you apart from the set you apart from the competition.

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