Attract Customers & Boost Sales with Captivating Outdoor Restaurant Signs

First impressions matter, and in the competitive restaurant scene of North Florida & South Georgia, your outdoor signage can make all the difference. Apogee Signs understands the power of impactful visuals. Our team of experts creates custom outdoor restaurant signs designed to grab attention, increase visibility, and ultimately drive sales.

Red Elephant Pizza and Grill

Our signs are more than just decoration; they’re strategic marketing tools. We design them to:

  • Become beacons that attract new customers passing by your restaurant, enticing them to step inside and experience your culinary delights.
  • Reinforce your brand identity with a clear and consistent visual message that creates a memorable first impression.
  • Showcase your enticing menu with mouthwatering visuals and clear descriptions that leave customers eager to try your signature dishes.
  • Boost sales by highlighting daily specials and promotions that capture attention and encourage impulse purchases.

From illuminated signs that shine bright at night to modern LED displays and classic hanging signs, Apogee Signs offers a diverse range of outdoor restaurant sign options. We also specialize in creating monument signs that make a grand entrance for your restaurant, and awnings and canopies that add a touch of charm while providing shelter for outdoor dining.

But our commitment goes beyond just the sign itself. We offer expert design services to collaborate with you and capture your vision, ensuring the final product reflects your brand perfectly. Our team handles the entire permitting and installation process to take the burden off your shoulders. We use only the highest quality materials and construction methods, guaranteeing your sign will withstand the elements and continue to attract customers for years to come.

Ready to transform your restaurant’s curb appeal and watch your sales soar? Contact Apogee Signs today for a free quote on your custom outdoor restaurant sign. We serve restaurants throughout North Florida & South Georgia, including Tallahassee and Thomasville. Let your outdoor signage become a powerful marketing tool that fuels your restaurant’s success!

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Common Questions About Restaurant Signs

Restaurant signs are displays used to advertise and identify a restaurant or food establishment.

Common materials for restaurant signs include metal, wood, acrylic, and neon.

Visibility is essential in restaurant signs, as it ensures that the sign can be seen and read by potential customers from a distance.

The process for creating custom restaurant signs typically involves an initial consultation, design concepts, fabrication, and installation.

Restaurant signs are typically placed outside of the establishment, near the entrance, and on or near the street to attract potential customers.