Hotel signs are a crucial element in shaping a hotel’s overall appearance and brand identity. These signs serve as essential guides for guests, facilitating easy identification of entrances and key areas within the hotel, including check-in counters, restaurants, and conference rooms. Moreover, hotel signs offer clear directions to various services and amenities, elevating the overall guest experience.

Meticulously crafted interior and exterior signs can help establish a sophisticated and inviting ambiance while effectively conveying vital information to guests. By collaborating with Apogee Signs, hotels can craft top-notch signage that authentically mirrors their brand identity, elevates the guest experience, and ultimately fuels revenue growth.

Whether managing a single hotel or a portfolio of hotel properties, several factors demand consideration when procuring and installing hotel signage. Notably, indoor and outdoor signs typically differ in material composition.

Outdoor signs are commonly constructed from robust materials such as solid surfaces, steel, aluminum, and plastic, ensuring their durability and resilience against various weather conditions.

Hotel signage serves the dual purpose of aiding guests in navigating the premises and allowing the hotel to brand both its interior and exterior spaces distinctly. Establishing a unique brand identity for the hotel is vital in setting it apart from competitors in the vicinity.

It is imperative to implement branded signage not solely at the hotel’s entrance but also throughout the entire property. This comprehensive approach fosters a sense of unity, enhancing brand recognition and awareness.

In the United States, hotels are also required to feature ADA-compliant signage to assist guests with disabilities or visual impairments. Apogee Signs specializes in crafting custom ADA signs that not only improve the hotel’s aesthetics but also guide and assist guests effectively.

While the aesthetics and functionality of signage in your hotel are vital, it is equally crucial to ensure that your signs comply with the regulations and codes of your city, county, or state municipality. When you entrust Apogee Signs with your signage needs, rest assured that we will handle site surveys and permitting, guaranteeing that your signs are installed in full compliance with the applicable codes.

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