Out with the old and in with the new! Those old neon and fluorescent illuminated signs look great for a limited time and sooner or later, most likely sooner, the bulbs will burn out or in some cases burn the actual signs faces which can be costly.

Utilizing LED lighting, you will quickly recognize that the lighting that last longer, doesn’t get hot, cost less, and shines brighter making your business stand out.Why Should I Retrofit My Sign Lighting

Below you will se the top 8 reasons you should make the investment and retrofit your old signage and save money in the long run.

  1. Go Green with LEDs. Improved Energy Efficiency: When compared to neon and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs can provide light for 50,000+ hours and last 25 times longer all while using up to 90% less energy.
  2. Work Less, Save More! Less Upkeep and Lower Cost Maintenance:  Neon and fluorescent lighted signs, need to be serviced several times per year where LED lights typically only need to be serviced once every five to ten years.
  3. Money in the Bank! Significant Return on Your Investment: Utilizing LED lights in your business signage can save over $500 on your power usage annually when compared to neon and fluorescent lighted sign.
  4. Got Toxins? Nope, LEDs are Environmentally Friendly: LED lights do not use any chemicals which is not the case with fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury gases and can be toxic to humans. As a result, when LEDs are disposed of, there is no chance of contaminating the environment.
  5. Look at You Grow! LEDs Can Increase Business: LED lights are brighter than neon or fluorescent lights and will increase your company’s visibility to passerby. In addition, LEDs are less likely to stop working like their counterparts thus keeping your business visible and bright to customers potentially increasing your business.
  6. Dude, That’s Hot! Super Low Risk of Fire: LED lights operate at very low voltages as opposed to conventional incandescent or neon lights making the likelihood of fires extremely low, they produce very little if any heat, further reducing the risk of fire hazards or burns.
  7. Stop Flashing! LEDs Immediately Light Up: Lights on when you want them on. LED lights do not need time to warm up to start working unlike fluorescent lights which can flicker and flash a while before coming on.
  8. More is More Signage Options: Any combination of lights can be used with LEDs to produce a variety of signs, including unlimited colors, digital flashes, and graphic animations. LEDs can produce different lights that can be programmed to fade, flash, or light up on their own. With fluorescent or neon lights, you simply cannot achieve this type of versatility as the technology is not there.

Now that you have the reasons to led retrofit your old signs, it’s time to make the investment and light the path in getting your company noticed.

You can trust Apogee Signs, in Tallahassee, FL to provide the sign service you need to brighten your business. We provide a 5-year parts and labor warranty on all retrofit led signs which will significantly lower maintenance cost over the life of your sign.

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